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Created in 2018, Film Daze is an independent publication and media outlet that provides a platform for the unheard, and underrepresented voices of the film community. Voicing our perspectives on visual media (both film and TV), we seek to challenge the reader’s expectations of what media can convey – past and present. The visual medium elicits strong emotions, and our community of young, diverse writers embraces this climate in sharing with you their passion and unique perspectives on what makes this medium so important to us all.

Film Daze prides itself on not running ads, clickbait pieces that lack any substance, or being bought out by a company that dictates our every action, but by staying independent we limit our sources of annual income. We are still a small site in comparison to the big outlets that have been around for decades, but our content speaks for itself. Featuring insightful essays, immersive reviews, and new points of view by diverse writers from all over the world, we are able to shine like a beacon in the film community.

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